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Curly Hair

Curly hair is usually characterised by wild, curvy tresses which tend to frizz up under humid weather conditions. Curly hair is best worn long and layered. Short dos with curly hair very rarely work on any facial shape. Curly hair is mostly dominant in European, African and Middle Eastern countries. They occur in all shades of colors and could be treated or ironed easily to achieve a straighter, tamer appearance.

Most people consider curly hair a difficult type of hair to manage. This is because curly hair has more volume compared to tamer, plainer straight hair. The number one enemy of individuals with curly hair is frizzing. This usually happens when curly hair is not moisturized and combed properly.

Maintaining styles for curly hair

The key to keeping curly hair styles naturally is to emphasise the curves and reduce the frizz. Spray-on products are available in the market to eliminate the occurrence of frizz on curly hair. Curly hair is usually linked to images of angels and Renaissance cherubs. During the middle ages, big, curly hair tied in ribbons is considered the standard European hairstyles.

Today's fashion trends have lessened the popularity of curly hair. This is probably because maintaining curly hair styles are more time consuming than plan, flat ironed straight hair. An individual with curly hair may easily avail of a good ionic flat iron to alter his/her hair styles once in a while.

Individuals with curly hair who have no more time to tend to their tresses may simply put on a headband to relax the hair near the crown. Naturally air drying damp curly hair usually makes for bounce layers and rewarding body through out the day.

A sure way to keep curly hair from drying up is by wearing it naturally as frequently as possible. Under humid weather conditions, using the flat iron on curly hair is both useless and damaging.

Hollywood stars born with naturally curly hair include Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet. It's interesting that in Asian countries like Korea where straight hair is highly dominant, people spend a fortune on salons just to perm their hair.

Prominent media advertisements which feature curly hair include baby products endorsed by infant models. This is still strongly reminiscent of Renaissance paintings of childe angels and cherubs. curly hair is also linked to Greek gods and goddesses, so there is no reason for individuals with curly hair to consider their gift a curse.